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Time Travelers: World War 2

Game Type:

First Person Shooter or Third Person Shooter

RPG elements are also ideal


Eager to change the outcome of the second world war, a team of scientists developed a time machine that can enable people to travel through time into the past. There are many volunteers from various branches of the militaries from around the world and they formed a unit, "Shield"

July 24th, 2044, the operation commenced. Shield have 10 battalions composed of elite military personnel from Special Operations branch of each military departments and some top ranking scientists and engineers. They traveled to the year 1939 in America and they educate the people about their purpose. They explained they've come from the future to change the outcome of the Second World War. The scientists then introduced advanced technologies so that technology would become more advanced.


The game would feature futuristic firearms, tank and infantry armor opposed to World War 2 era enemy weaponry.…