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If I could create my own smartphone...

I want my phone to be wearable. A bracelet type device that projects a square holographic screen.

The device will be neurologicaly link to my brain so I can interact with it. I will just press a button to turn the device on and then every interaction is done by thought alone. Because it was linked to the brain, you can listen to music without an earphone or speaker, the music just plays in your mind!Got a call? You can hear the voice of the caller deep within your head!

The device is equipted with 6 microphones for 360 sound recording. The device might even project images to your mind that there id no need for a screen unlike Google glass type devices.

As for the battery, it will be powered by your body and ambient light from the sun!

The Hunter or The Hunted

Game Type:

First Person Shooter


Third Person Shooter


The game is basically a deatmatch game but with a difference, there are no radars or a map.  You are on your own.  You use the environment to hide from your enemies. You can use tall grass and bushes as cover.  Use elevated areas to your advantage. These areas are good for ambush or snipping.  Everything would be realistic from vehicle physics to bullet physics. The game will be played with VR for better realism. The players will use every means to locate their prey.

There would be various  weapons and accessories to make the job easily such as thermals and night visions but there would also be outfits that can make a player undetectable by IR imaging. Everything will be like in real life.

The weather too would be realtime and the game will feature a day and night cycle. The game will be set in different terrain and environments such as lush tropical  rainforests, jungles,  wastelands,  deserts and abandoned cities.  A…